Undead – Zombies – golems


Almost exclusive to dark occultism is the notion of undead.

-“Kant introduced a key distinction between negative and indefinite judgment: the positive judgment “the soul is mortal” can be negated in two ways, when a predicate is denied to the subject (“the soul is not mortal”), and when a non-predicate is affirmed (“the soul is non-mortal”) – the difference is exactly the same as the one, known to every reader of Stephen King, between “he is not dead” and “he is un-dead.” The indefinite judgment opens up a third domain which undermines the underlying distinction: the “undead” are neither alive nor dead, they are precisely the monstrous “living dead.”

And the same goes for “inhuman”: “he is not human” is not the same as “heis inhuman” – “he is not human” means simply that he is external to humanity, animal or divine, while “he is inhuman” means something thoroughly difference, namely the fact that he is neither human nor inhuman, but marked by a terrifying excess which, although it negates what we understand as “humanity,” is inherent to being-human.” –
Slavoj Zizek

The Dead is a way of dark occultists in addressing the masses of human beings on this planet.

The Golem is a term in ancient dark occultism, regarding a traumatized being under the occultist’s control. specifically, traumatized to the extent and degree needed to break the will of the individual, making the person an automaton; a flesh robot.