Elite groups and secret societies

wanted-11.jpgimage: “WANTED” (2008)

Key examples of elite groups are-  “the rich” “the police” “organized crime” “high society”. also, every Religion or cult of any kind.

It is an inherent desire of the human being to find it’s way into a more prestige group of people. To change one’s environment is essential to execute desired plans for the future.

If you ever saw Maslow’s pyramid of needs, you know that a need to belong is primal to humans. Belonging to a family, a movement, a flock of similar minds, a hobby club etc.

But what we deal with right here is another thing entirely.
Using their resources and efforts, those cabals are in act exercising un-natural behavior:
They exhort power and control over other beings, keep a hierarchical organization, keep  hermetic sealing on entrance.

Don’t get me wrong, there are instances where a person should be kept outside a group.
But as we can see, clearly such maneuver has been made to maintain a power differential in human society.

Inevitably, Police of EVERY state eventually begin to cooperate with major criminal organizations. Criminal leaders are the most potential information sources. They can benefit from making deals with police authorities to promote their own business.
(see NARCOS and/or RocknRolla)

If a person believes in the inherent legitimacy of police (unlike militia) they have been fooled and led astray.
You can sometimes hear the phrase “crime will never end” or, what is quite the same thing, “crime is a part of society”. there is truth to it-
The presence of police and crime in a society is a direct effect, the cause being the regulations of said society. This dynamic is ultimately a spiral of death and results and chaos, not order.