Cultivating Adrenaline Dependency


image: “Crank: High voltage” (2009)

George Carlin on Adrenaline and Testosterone

Adrenaline is a chemical naturally developed by the human body. More so in the masculine bodies than the feminine.
And although it’s usage by the brain is mainly preserved to situations of grave danger, today’s society will propagate all types of action-fueled cinema for it’s adepts.

It does not mean you live in a patriarchy, dear pseudo-feminists.
It reveals a cultivation of populations dependent on immediate action.
meaning- stepping closer towards a society ready to accept Psychopathic, unchallenged behavior.
Ready for extreme situational existence, such society is more probable to rely on medics and surgeons, also psychotherapy and psychiatry is made sufficiently easier, for it essentially eliminates the will to sit down and study anything.

There have been previous attempts by cultures and governments to increase a population’s dependence on substances, leading altogether to mass addictions.

History of opium in China

Overall, adrenaline keeps you down to earth. If you have a child-like mind set, it’s not something you would wish upon yourself.

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