Indoctrination as a phenomenon

image: “They Live” (1988)

Mark Passio on worldview poisoning

The Story of Your Enslavement

“The truth is the greatest enemy of the state.” – Joseph Goebbles

Though it sounds so dramatically enormous, most will be shocked and amazed that indoctrination is more subtle than they were led to believe.

You immediately imagine red flags of foreign states, hanging from a municipal building while a military march is being held. Although the past century has shown us a great and frightening use of mass indoctrination, today’s methods are working on the individual plane. as always gradually,  doctrines are set to modernize human perception, usually with the aid of externally set examples of family, friends, relatives, and the public.

It is a web of a spider. you are in the matrix so long as you are in it’s grasp.

the main purpose would be to entrance. a trance is a state of hypnosis, meaning the stoppage of mind-related work of the brain.
What comes after is a changed state. a transition into another form.
the indoctrination would prefer you in a different state than you are in nature. Hence we categorize these actions as manipulation.

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