Obfuscation as a method of manipulation


Mark Passio – Obfuscation Method of Manipulation

Let me start with this; facial recognition is a naturally-developed skill of the human brain as part of our evolutionary surviving mechanism. It aids us as tribal creatures to recognize our fellows’ empathy, distress, and feelings.

It is so entrenched in us that we generally would judge a thing by it’s looks. This is why we have divided ourselves with prejudice for centuries. This is why marketing works on us in the first place. We largely, by default tend to choose the desired product merely by how it’s package appeals to us.

It’s simple, really. We physically rely on the sense of visionary perception to generalize the actions we take. you can witness the majority of cultures on this planet have deeply rooted symbols and aphorisms related to sight.

Hence some types of manipulation take place in the realm of proverbial sight- be it distortion of world view, or maintaining a fixed image, or dissuading the attention into another direction. But sometimes we deal with a simple obfuscation, which is a simple cover up of truth and/or masking the dangerous lies with a neat costume.