Tips on how to watch movies.

image: “HOT FUZZ” (2007)

The following article is inspired by George Carlin’s 15 guidelines to live by.
Perhaps, one day i shall make a list inspired by his tips for serial killers.

  1. Try to watch your films when you’re tired or, just as you have dawned from slumber.
  2. Pick very specific topics. keep your focus on one particular thing and explore it.
    Andy Whore-wall’s films would be a nice start.
  3. People ask me- how about eating in front of a TV?; What i always say is that you should have as much dip bowls as you can place near your giant, red lobster.
    Don’t forget to bring a wooden little hammer with ya.
  4. Be interested in movies that interest only you alone. Disregard the surrounding world and the ideas in your mind. Again, ’64 Empire comes to mind.
    Your field of entertainment is for time killing only. Time is money and you have plenty of it.
  5. Indulge in movie going as much as possible. No matter if you can express your impressions with other people- what do they know about Art-House, anyway?
    take example of japanese hikikomori.
  6. Keep talking to the same club of people as you were before. Sameness is a good thing these days when individuality is in bloom. you’ll just burn your cherished enthusiasm as moth to a flame.
  7. Try To maintain Your screen in directly opposed brightness level to your room’s.

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