Rayman Legends (2013)

I actually was excited for the game the first time, and enjoyed it very much.
But when i reviewed it again it seemed a bit odd to me.

+ It does demand creativity and unconventional thinking i guess.
+ It is done with great concept art and animated very well.
+ A great plus in my book is the main depiction of the possibility of other worlds.
+ Minions (which are considered bad) are being punished, and in any case mostly can be spared.
+ Fiery Dragons and other reptiles are slain.

– War is waging in the background. Always. on every level of any “world”.
– Rotating pentacles are shown upon completing any level or challenge.
mostly pointing downwards.
– Much more so than in the previous game, Violence is being held against plants and flora of the world. this is quite alarming.
– The characters are unable to speak and convey messages properly.
Arguably it enhances imagination, but unlike games like “INSIDE” or “Journey” (which are great, by the way), Rayman Legends does not provide a sophisticated world and DOES require communication in sufficient form.