That Sugar Film (2014)

That Sugar Film – Official Trailer

That documentary was absolutely necessary to be made.
Forget about “Super-size me” (2004).
This single informative movie is more important nowadays than perhaps any other. You and everyone you know need to watch it immediately.

1. It shows just how stressed is the notion of immediate gratification in our modern day life.

2. Moreover, it tells us about the works of food-engineering, which is quite the interesting field of research, and how it could (DID) lead to such monstrous results in the west.

3. And finally, the uncovered effect sugars have on our brain, psyche, and physicality. A more horrible drug is simply hard to imagine.

You are what you eat.

From personal experience, I have lost about 25 Kg of fat with this version of the Atkins diet:

The following demands a choice, then commitment.
You should consult your doctor if you feel the need to.

Start by cutting out of your diet all easy-sugars:
-Soft drinks, white bread, pasta, rice, corn, alcohol.
Those carbons are easy to process by our liver. meaning they leave out almost no potent material for us to use except stored fat. stored fat is a reserve built in our organism that you want to lose.
1. After 30 days you will develop the habit of keeping the diet steady.
2. The second month comes to a pause. this transitional period is very much like matter transition of states- your body changes its mode.
3. The third month there will be a big crash- that’s when you will drastically lose most of the weight you wanted to.

You are left with a diet that permits you to eat ANY AMOUNT of food that stuffs you:
Meat, fish, chicken of any kind. All dairy products of up to 30% fat.
Nuts. Eggs. Fruits and Vegetables. Dark bread rich with fibers.
Water, tea, and coffee.
-pickled goods or spices are kinda bad.
-Processed meats are proved bad as well.

Before you start – track your weight so that you can compare it each week or every couple of days. some prefer to take measurements and/or pictures but i don’t mind that.

  • Better start a day with a glass of cold water – 20 minutes before breakfast.
  • Drink when thirsty but try not to for one hour after a meal.
  • Keep a balanced day with snack breaks between the big ones.
  • Sleep healthy for about 8 hours and.
  • Craving for sweets? have a bit of dark chocolate.
    Keep it at the minimum though-
    get a bar of dark chocolate to spread on a whole week. Make it special.
  • After 3,4,6 months, when you will feel confident enough-
    start working out with the P90X program.
    Changing the wardrobe usually helps.
  • (I should confess that I had cravings, which I took care of while being high. apparently smoking marijuana temporarily changes your metabolism so you don’t get as fat as usually)

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