The “Play” Button

I have been mediating on the subject of what we are used to see as our play button.

Why is it the shape that it is?

I would propose some shape more spiral, like a rotating swastika in motion, a moving Valknut sign or maybe a triple spiral formation…

When you consider a typical “play” button from a sacred geometry point of view in relation to the human psyche, you could see that the choice of such triangle could mean an intention of sorts:1024px-Squaredcircle.jpg

  1. To form an enlightened being, it should maintain in itself a metaphisic philosopher’s stone. Since we always see the button as a tilted triangle floating in a circle, it signifies a spirit incapable of reaching it’s higher self



  1. And of course,
    Tilt your head to the right, and it takes the shape of the “chalice”.
    Tilt your head to the left, and it takes the shape of the “blade”.

Tells us of a means to entrance the user in a disbalanced state of being.