Challenge 2 – Travel Agencies.

Truman Show – Travel Agency

Here’s the thing- In your free time, out of interest, try to locate a Travel Agency in the building. try this in the malls and shopping centers that are close to you.

Actually, this type of business is important and popular in somewhat big cities.
But Usually you will find the agency is a smallish shop in the far-far-away corner of the many-floors building.

Not to say that travel guides are successful people that can manage a large clientele, or that they demand a large place for rent to exhibit their products,
But.. just consider the major part that care products play in our shopping or how fashion boutiques demand they build a hall or a pavilion for them. Compare.

Understand that your leaders do not want you traveling out of the bubble. They don’t even like you being able to speak other languages.
Thoughts of travel usually do not appear spontaneously in our minds because they do not inhibit the normal, sedated mind. they do not reflect in the quiet eyes of our peers.

A power differential is being held in the realm of your thoughts plexus.

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