Animal Masks

image: “The Shining” (1980) 

Popularized in culture by the Furry sexual fan-dominions, and dating back to ancient civilizations like Egypt with deities depicted with animals’ heads.
Such apparel is used by dark occultists at specific sex rituals. Not necessarily but often the expressions are relaxed, docile.

Unrelated to dark rituals, this phenomenon is brought to convince people that humans are just another animal, having the same consciousness as mammals around us. This worldview is psychopathic by definition and serves the egoistic sorcerers. Stay vigilant. 

Since children operate most in the realm of subconscious until they reach about age six, the assaults are said to happen in somewhat of a Holo-Deck generating a convenient background filled with pleasantries and positiveness.

Part of the ritual is to associate the act in the mind with “the way it is, in nature”.
While traumatizing the child reducing the cognitive ability to distinct reality from fiction for further indoctrination- up to and including killing a grown human as if it were a kitty


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