Buy a pet – save on abortion.

image: “Cats & Dogs” (2001)

Most people won’t see the connection.

I do not condone abortion. A woman has her right by nature to do with her body as she pleases. Although, some of today’s teenagers sure don’t know the consequences of this action.

I do not condone pets- animals domesticated by gaining their trust and fellowship.

But i am fully aware of how the basic, most true of human instincts can in fact, be bent.
Of course, i mean parental and especially maternal instincts.
Ever see a cute little thing and want to smother it? Here’s why- adorable animals can turn us aggressive. It’s a evolutionary safety mechanism. By making a chemical reaction in our brains, we become more protective of our offspring (or anything that resembles it). Think about how every pet you see in commercials is just beautifully cute.
And some countries have poor prosecution and laws concerning animal cruelty for the same reasons.

Today, pet ownership is encouraged in the west. While some areas on our globe cannot feed themselves three proper meals a day, countries like the USA and EU find the resources for thousands of pet owners.
This creates a certain differential in our minds about countries with mass population and over-population, like India, China, Japan etc. Thus supporting the idea we shouldn’t do such and such to keep us present in the current state of affairs.

And since feminines of our species have more distinct reactions towards pets, the divide between the genders keeps growing and influencing future generations’ Digenics.

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