The Island Of Dr. Moreau (1996)

To quote the film: “This is the most outrageous spectacle i have ever witnessed”
The Island Of Dr. Moreau (1996) is a great example of an allegoric movie very poorly executed but at the same time attractive to audiences.
Adapted from the 1896 book of great H. G. Wells- author of such classics of the sci-fi genre as The Time Machine (1895), The Invisible Man (1897) and  The War of the Worlds (1898).

The Island of Dr. Moreau stars Marlon Brando as the mad scientist, Val Kilmer as his assistant Montgomery, Ron Perelman as the sayer of the law, Peter Elliott as Assassimon (interesting name, can’t find the origin) and David Thewlis as the main character [funny how he ended up playing the role of Professor Lupin (HP)]

I just realized how prominent and vital is the island of Doctor Moreau as a symbol.
That is, a symbol derived from an archetype of a primordial “Atlantis”.
As legends say, this civilization was based on an archipelago, whose technological apogee resulted in gene modifications. Soon, the mad scientists conducted their horrible experiments “For the greater good” of all society, and the main island sank in an hour.

The archetype is of a distant island, that changes the very nature of a being.
This could be related to Daniel Defoe’s classic “Robinson Crusoe”.
It’s hard to get there, it’s hard to get off, and if you ever get out- you’re not quite the same anymore; Be it survival in the face of deadly predators, or a psychotropic experience with native flora. I remember seeing it since i was a kid; like in “Spy kids 2”, and most recently Far Cry 3. And of course- The Simpsons did it.

A prominent scene in the film was when the Doctor (who resembles Aleister Crowley, I might add) was shown playing a melody for two with his subordinate abominable midget. They play a pair of Pianos (which is now considered a somewhat dark symbol for some researchers)- a miniature one standing right above the normal one.
To me this symbolizes the dark occult aspect of the doctor’s operations, and is probably the best episode in the plot.

Before i head on to summarize the hidden factors of this under-rated classic of a film,
I would like to tell you that there was an additional audio-track to the movie made by “Rifftrax”, contains a goofy background narration. It was refreshingly amusing during the opening credits so I promised myself to watch it whole the next time- It’s great.

  • -Incorporated gene modification – Violence.
  • -Perverted natural law
  • -Perversion of “Evil”
  • -Subtraction of conscious – Wrong
  • -Mind control
  • -Jurisdiction
  • -Magician wand
  • ~Masculine oriented
  • ~Abomination (rectified)
  • ~High priest is a blind ram
  • +Knowledge of the human psyche
  • +Technology and it’s possible dark side

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