The Red Pill (2016)

ShoeOnHead – Taste Red Pill
Armored Skeptic review

This is one heart touching documentary. I think it would be the best Documentary I got to check out this year. And it deals with a lot – in an efficient way.
I encourage you to watch it regardless of your positions on most topics.

 The only objection I may have concerns the title alluring to The Matrix movie, but it is the author’s personal choice to express her own experience.

Recognize problem.
Fortunately, there are still people able to awake and capable of critical thinking like the brave maker of this film. She was sober enough to go through the process and get sane on the other side, presenting her subordinates with her project and her own personal challenge.
Others are already aware of illogical doctrines around them and will not cease to fight it with all they have.

Uncovers brain washing.
When you get down to it- The problems shown in the film are a by product of human culture as we know it, of monetary systems and their implications, of ideological indoctrination based in controlled opposition fused with Divide and conquer.

At the root of the problem lies a biased approach towards both genders in society- like some insane regulations and procedures. that’s what you get living in a mason state.
Your state has an agenda (many agendas) which will be achieved through lobbying and funding of specialized groups of people. Those that in fact were calculated to have the most effective results.

Preservation of faulty systems.
When you are subject to such government, realize the current conditions are beneficial to the state and will stay preserved. Be it even demonic possession. it’s under control.
Cultural paradigms like the ones shown are to be maintained.

Straw man All-over.
What scared me the most is the inability of the masses of protesters to come with basic terms like a “Straw man”. uneducated people are key to misleading each other’s herd.
Of course it is to be expected.

Generating bad influence.
On a mass level, the state is interested to gain control over men’s attitude toward the world. Keep them interested in war and other condoning things. For it to work on the next generations, you first need to modify your current generation of males into a certain vibration of thought, then through DNA fusion with a female you get your next generation- now infueled with more dark, unnecessary information than their fathers. This cycle will go on and on.

Appeal first to women.
Women are the driving force behind a nation simply because they nurture and develop the new human beings into the system. Parent’s involvement is crucial before indoctrination begins in the outer world with school, work and military.
Proven by previous totalitarian regimes- persuasion of the masses has to start by brainwashing the female population.

There should have been a quote by Goebbels on how masses should be treated as a woman.
Unfortunately, i can’t seem to find it.

Notice how a main complain is the notion of not enough women acting as CEO’s of corporations or as political figures. More MEN are holding those positions because they have a bigger chance at being psychopathic. Introducing a notion of accepting female psychopaths into society before maintaining natural law regulations seems rather dangerous to me.


2 thoughts on “The Red Pill (2016)

  1. Interesting review thank you. In strictly documentary technique terms this film has many faults. Its screening has been cancelled in Australia but it should be shown. People will recognise that it is propaganda for the MRA movement.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome 🙂
      Thank you for being the first commenter
      on my new blog.
      I somewhat agree on the technique but it doesn’t fail the message in my viewing.
      Control of speech never ends well. though i’m not entirely sure what your meaning was in your last sentence.

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