“White Lab-coat Blonde” Programming

image: poster for “The Giver” (2014)

Bill Maher and the Apocalyptic Predictive Programming of Films

  • Julianne Moore in The Hunger Games
  • Kate Winslet in Divergent 
  • Jodie Foster in Elysium
  • Patricia Clarkson in The Maze Runner
  • Meryl Streep in The Giver
  • Tilda Swinton in Snowpiercer


This archetype of a medical doctor is the government trying to keep everything under control. On one level, this might have been programming for the scenario “Clinton wins over Trump” in the 2016 USA elections. On another, to ensure matrimony is still rejected and repulsed, to convey an image of femininity as the ugly path to chaos.

As Bill Maher points out, in half of these movies it starts with “…after humanity has destroyed itself in the great war, what was left of government has decided Human Passions needed to be controlled” and a Cold, technocratic boss lady in a pant-suit
Comes into the scene.

But what seems to be the most ridiculous assumption of all is the gradual creation of new symbols for the upcoming possible Masonic religion. A major one to combine in itself all the aspects of Abrahamic and scientific religions towards the last world order.

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