Horns (2013) ~7.2

Horns was a “cheap” youngster’s movie- romantic and lustful, with a paced “dark night of the soul” narrative. An arrange of well-known actors, good use of digital effects.

Basically the film tells us the classic tale of “Beauty and the beast”- the actual relationship of the SUN and EARTH during the WINTER. There’s even a shot where Ig holds a “Doors” vinyl to cover his face like a mask. We also see a reference to David Bowie. Janus is the Greek god of doors and beginnings, that is why the first month of the Gregorian calendar is named after him.

But then a psychopath rapes the red-haired sun named after Mary and kills her.

PS. – That’s actually a bad thing, cause that means the psychopath is earth since the devil is winter AND wears a mask (making the two familiar).
Plus, both the sun and her mother (not in the film) are said to have CANCER, hinting at the constellation in which the sun has repeated it’s journey.

Ig doesn’t know what to do, so he lies on the checkered floor holding a 6/9 bottle of alcohol. from here on, the plot will show us how the hero will climb the proverbial Jacob’s ladder. The Ladder symbol will repeat itself with no end; Snakes, wind instruments, actual stairways. He starts by desecration.

Actually, the whole imagery in the movie is interesting – there are deer, trident, fiery gremlin, chains and a piano. There’s an interesting scene with a rainbow in the background where a Glenda character is somewhat disgraced so I didn’t know what to make of it. Finally, we have the golden cross that saves the hero, and when he achieves enlightenment- we’re shown butterfly imagery and given the key to the lock- to reveal the actual DEVIL tarot card.

The movie appeals to exoteric Christianity mindset with it’s set of “sins”. With principles and truth overcoming even familiar connections, all the way considering that the human nature is demonic.

All in all the movie ain’t so bad, and rightfully distinguishes pathogens from psychotropics. even symbolically.

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