The many symbols for the Pineal gland

First, let’s start with explaining what IS the pineal gland, and its purpose in the human body. You whould also check out the information about DMT: The Spirit Molecule

In the presence of the kings of the old world, what is the one and only thing no one is ever allowed to do?

The answer is surprising and simple- No knight or samurai, no counselor or jester was under any circumstances allowed to present themselves to a king with his bare forehead.

The only excuse was perhaps granted to the closest family and in rare situations granted to a valiant hero who proved himself in the face of grave danger.


В свете есть такие ль дива?
Вот идет молва правдива:
За морем царевна есть,
Что не можно глаз отвесть:
Днем свет божий затмевает,
Ночью землю освещает,
Месяц под косой блестит,
А во лбу звезда горит.

Александр Сергеевич Пушкин
“Сказка о царе Салтане”


Image: A Soviet red pentacle star, pinned on the forehead area of the uniform soldier hats.

Just like The Eye of Horus, it is a universal symbol representing the pineal gland.
The pineal gland is an organ in the limbic system of the brain, responsible for generating imagination in the human organism, hence the theosophy term “Third eye”.


image: “Prince of Egypt” (1998)

Substances like Ayahuasca or DMT allow for the experience of so called “opening” of the third eye, and so the renewed state of the apprentice mason mind depicted as a progressed, bloomed pine cone.

It will appear between two Cherubim (e.g. ark of the covenant), symbolizing the skull,
above a Caduceus – symbol of the spine, usually beneath a sun (creator).

In dark occultism we see the blocking of the head chakra with ribbons and headgear;
like the Judaic Beit Tfilin, or the checkered hats of a police officer.
Ever wandered why it was forbidden to stay in headgear in a king’s presence?

Also, the custom of coloring boiled eggs in the days of Easter is probably related to the tradition of coloring blooming pine cones.

Lately we can observe the Pinecone being replaced with the Pineapple fruit.

It is crucial simply because the pinecone can flourish, while the pineapple, while bearing fruit, can not expand itself; It is a direct subliminal message to the western culture symbolizing the inability to expand one’s mind and awareness.


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