The complex Thunder-Bolt symbol


image: “The Prestige” (2006)
Directed by Nolan, starring Bale, Bowie and Jackman.

Can be seen present in Chrisopher Nolan’s “Prestige” and a bit in “The Dark Knight”
as well in many other media, from “Frankenstein’s Monster” to “Harry Potter”.

“There is no such thing as true rest. doesn’t exist. if something exists then it’s in motion. Everything moves, everything vibrates, and at the fundamental level, the universe and every single thing that comprises it is pure vibratory energy that manifests itself in different ways, different frequencies and vibratory forms.
The universe has no true solidity as such, as we imagine reality, at the microcosmic level. matter is merely energy in low vibration.
The whole universe is spiritual, having experience in solidity.”

The law of conservation of energy In physics, parallel to the Vibration principle of hermeticism, states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.

Plasma is a state of matter. The three other common states of matter are solids, liquids and gases, so plasma is sometimes called the fourth state of matter. Plasma is created by adding energy to a gas so that some of its electrons leave its atoms.

Lightning is an example of plasma present at Earth’s surface. Typically, lightning discharges 30,000 amperes at up to 100 million volts, and emits light, radio waves, X-rays and even gamma rays.

We can trace the significance of lightning bolts back to ancient myths of Greece and Norse regions- where the major gods where able to erupt bolts as a weapon of choice.

To my understanding, Biogenesis considers the first basic life form to have originated in the proverbial puddle struck by lightning.

Given it’s auditory properties, thunder is also prominent in the lives of societal humans as a sign from gods, marking a rain or a storm.
For a tribe this of course meant that the males with the most fearsome voice will be dominant over the hierarchy. To this day we use Loud speakers and loud(not noisy) music is proved to have a relaxing effect, especially on adolescents.

This gives us today’s traditional way of hierarchical thinking.


In occult traditions this form of matter was considered “fire”.
It was closest to the realm of spirit or Ether, the empty vacuum from which everything comes into existence.

The occult hebrew term Hashmal” (meaning “lightning” or “electricity”) is obfuscated.
The Kabalah tree of life formation is said to represent a zig-zag line crossing through a flattened, 2D cuboctahedron.

The cuboctahedron is in itself an interesting and mysterious subject, said to have occult properties of sacred geometry. The famous Buckminster Fuller called it the “Vector Equilibrium“, and it is sometimes called the Metatron cube (from Greek Meta+Tron meaning Beyond+Matrix)




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