The Road to El-Dorado (2000)

Another addition to the allegory genre.

The animation is surprisingly good, even for that time. But the whole fabric of the plot, it’s characters and humor are missing in quality. Even the soundtrack, executed by Sir Elton John and which plays a major role in the film, doesn’t leave any impressions at all.
Much likein the case of it’s peer “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” I would argue-
fully intentionally so.

This movie tells us the story of how two mischievous friends (represent annunaki)
have made their way to the Mesoamerica region to get rich with gold.

They are welcomed with respect and are mistaken for Gods. The two friends are aided by a common thief (which is strange, given the context of a golden city) that then has carnal relations with one god. The leadership takes kindly to the Gods, although the psychopathic priest seeks to use the occasion to promote his blood-thirsty agenda of public human sacrifice.

This explains the appearance of Psychopathic traits in our long-forgotten history
and parallels the accounts of many ancient stories and legends.



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