GLOSSARY OF THE CULTURE OF EVIL: Culture’s definitions VS True definitions.


  • Anarchy.
    -Chaos, mayhem and violence of ungoverned peoples.
    +There is no such thing as anarchy, there is only tyranny.
  • Arrogance.
    -Foolish belief that you are of great worth.
    +The beginning of understanding your infinite worth.
  • Bravery.
    -The nobility of obeying authority.
    +Servitude unto death.
  • Corporation.
    -Counterpart to employee, an entity of greed needing government oversight.
    +A mandate created by government designed to control economies.
  • Corruption.
    -Abuse of the law.
  • Crime.
    Violent destruction.
    Disobedience to authority.
  • Culture.
    -Natural flow of human behavior.
    +The enforcer of authority.
  • Democracy.
    +Perfect Evil.
  • End of the World.
    -Horror, disease, death and misery.
    +The end of evil, the beginning of peace and prosperity for every soul on earth.