Swiss Army Man (2015)

Soundtrack is fine, the finale melody goes right to my personal playlist.
Color palette is mostly complementary, contrasting orange and blues
(the main character is wearing red, and the girl at the end of the film has a green toy but that’s it). darkness is a theme with flashes and glares of sun as a motif.
So, the attraction is supposed to be the original plot and the imaginative heart-touching story.
That is, if you’re trying to appeal to contemporary hollow consumers.

The movie actually starts with Hank (MC) already lost on the remote island.
We’re not told how he got there throughout the whole movie. He is rejecting any attempts to explore direct motivation.
You’ll see it’s most likely an adventurous spirit of a man driven mad with boredom, but the makers of SAM wouldn’t like promoting any such ideas. back to Hank.
He’s lost all hope, standing in a “Hanged Man*” position. The reason he’s gonna kill himself is because he is alone.
Note that he has no problem speaking, and is not starving. Considering he’s got no survival skills- I’d say he’s been lost for only a few days.

Hanged Man suggests the person is searching in his head for an original thought, a way.
Meaning he drives himself into this situation to find meaning in his life.

The universe answers his prayers at the last moment- in the shape of a corpse called Manny. A thread of the whole movie is the seemingly notion of the universe being corporal– meaning without inherent spirit. The only one who inhibits a soul, it seems, is the main character. Solipsism comes to mind.

Глава 7. Чувства

  1. Западный страх

“Таково, например, впервые появившееся в литературном французском языке в 1376 г. важное слово “macabre” (многие исследователи пытались выяснить происхождение слова, есть целый ряд несводимых гипотез). Оно вошло во все европейские языки, и в словарях переводится на русский язык как погребальный, мрачный, жуткий и т.п. Но эти слова не передают действительного смысла слова macabre, он гораздо значительнее и страшнее. В искусстве Запада создано бесчисленное множество картин, миниатюр и гравюр под названием “La danse macabre” – “Пляска смерти”. Это – целый жанр (главное в нем то, что “пляшет” не Смерть и не мертвец, а “мертвое Я” – неразрывно связанный с живым человеком его мертвый двойник).
Пляска смерти стала разыгрываться актерами. В историю вошло описание представления Пляски смерти в 1449 г. во дворце герцога Бургундского.”

This makes Manny his Macabre companion– the shadow aspect in our psyche. In there lie a lot of potential personal abilities. But Hank chooses to feed it trash and rubbish by discussing his unaware social conditioning.

Hank is a very suppressed individual. Being rescued from death on a desert island, and able to go whether he chooses, he decides to come back to his home. His hometown promises him nothing besides a repulsive and isolating parent and a lady he developed a crush on.

The crush is a very shallow one, and of little to no substance. Hank’s views on interpersonal relations are a bit odd, and sum up to a consuming type of mindset.
For example, he’s decided that fetishes are a result of, quote, “Diminishing returns”, a term dealing directly with produce.
Upon finding a PlayBoy type magazine in the woods, we see the director’s choice of pairing the figures with an alcohol ad. Consumerism is the sole purpose of existence.

It all has to do with Hank’s life at home revolving in accordance with society’s routine, which he describes passionately to his fellow. His own experience and of those around him reminds a hamster-wheel for humans. Being repressed the way he is, he makes no effort to break the silence of the mundane full of people who are all strangers in between themselves or to approach the object of his desire at all. Nonetheless, his longing makes this slavery seem fantastic against the wilderness. Which leads me to the major factor of this film;

Hank is dependent on technology.  Although in no way does it make itself useful to him.
The very subject of the film is the concept of people serving as a utility.
All the seemed adorable imagination of the two together is nothing but a staging of activities involving some sort of technology. Although it is hinted that all ability to personal growth lies within a independent individual.

In the third act we see a bear attacking the pair of heroes. in this scenes the shadow material realizes itself fully and makes an impact on the psyche. These are all traits of Transhumanism, and the movie doesn’t shy away from it; All we get is the background murmuring that “everything matters to everything”, with no real notion of empathy towards another living soul beside our own.

As usual, the hero makes forth his 12 steps and overcomes his inner conflict- he stands up for himself and farts in public. The plot dissolves and Manny comes back to the ocean, never explaining his existence in the first place.

Symbols in the movie are the sun being reptilian, or baring reptile-like offspring,
And the whole scene with the movie theater they’ve built, with subtle programming towards possible intrusion of alien redeemers.


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