Euthanasia Legalization Now

image: Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)



If you’ve read the post about Inbred Dogs, then you already know about epigenetics
[the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself], eugenics and dysgenics.

The notion of the sanctity of life is promoted by the control grid in such a way to induce a deficit thinking. To enforce scarcity mind operations on the human psyche so as to ensure a cognitive dissonance.
Remember that your subconscious [not hypnotised] knows all the truth and facts.

NerdWriter – Who Should Have The Right To Die?

Contemplations of this sort would be legitimate only in a society trying to moderate already existing right to peacefully take your own life. Until that time- it’s putting sticks in the wheels.

Freedom and morality are Directly Proportional in society;

 As morality increases – freedom increases.
As morality declines – freedom declines.

What is the mystification of the right of taking your own life?
“Your life is not your own”?

It’s true that spiritually speaking, SUICIDE is morally repulsive. That is, if you are internally confused about the day to day life and your emotions.
BUT, not if you are in grave danger. If you’re stuck under a rock, feeling you have no other choice, knowing no soul comes to save your life; and especially if you are not the one causing your own death directly…

You have just exercised your right for property ownership on your life-vessel.


But the movement of euthanasia didn’t receive the attention and support they needed.
Instead of promoting their clear ideal with pride and dignity, decade after decade they changed their slogans with more and more Euphemisms to brush down the proposed notion.

You can see during a process of decades a careful reframing of the debate to one about choice and personal autonomy:

1938 – The euthanasia society of America

1976 – The society for the right to die

1992 – Choice in dying

1993 – Compassion In Dying

Clearly – it doesn’t help. The homosexual movements don’t have any problems with publicity anymore – Because they’ve hired a designer specialist who invented their own special FLAG.


Your local bunch of Demagogues have long since decided that Lobotomy in the form of pathogens like alcohol and nicotine is far more better than mind expanding apparatuses (entheogens) that make you realize you don’t necessary have to fear death.

There are things worse than death.
Things more frightening.

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