Yuval Noah Harari: What explains the rise of humans?

Harari is a manipulator. either by choice or unknowingly.
Being not familiar with humanoids’ physiology, origins of humankind, human theology, or any spiritual practices. Trying to obfuscate the facts, he is being wildly promoted while speaking on matters he really doesn’t specialize in;

Harari first specialized in medieval history and military history in his studies from 1993 to 1998 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He completed his DPhil degree at Jesus College, Oxford, in 2002 under the supervision of Steven J. Gunn. From 2003 to 2005 he pursued postdoctoral studies in history as a Fellow at Yad Hanadiv [Rothschild family philanthropic Foundation in Israel].
He now specializes in world history and macro-historical processes.

It reminds me of Israeli rabbis that promote some religious chemist to try and prove the existence of god without ever touching the subject of chemistry.
I think it’s called Authority.



Trying to categorize species by importance (“impact on the planet”) leads to conclusion of our ancestral apes being unimportant.
A logical leap. What determines importance? What determines impact?
If nature is a sort of an organism, aren’t species who violently break the laws of nature’s harmonics dangerous and unnatural?
We see immediately the “scientific method” resorting to simple humanism and self-interest.

Assumption that we “drove ourselves” out of Africa for some “unknown” reason that allowed global “dominance”.
Not informed of the origin of mankind and its relation with gold.

Self-contradiction: humans are “embarrassingly” Similar to chimpanzee, yet inferior to it. Ignoring the fact we are the only species not developed to operate this very planet.

Proof missing. No explanation is ever given on how have we developed this skill.
Interesting– is he familiar with the psilocybin hypothesis?

Terence Mckenna – The stoned ape theory
Joe Rogan on Terence Mckenna’s Stoned Ape Theory

Promoting Collectivism – “We are unique because our cooperation is flexible even in very large numbers.”
This advocates our ability to trust by default, believing that politics is the best solution.
In relation to ants and bees, he believes Royalty is natural, beneficial, and is overthrown out of necessity.

Playing with numbers technique, Unnecessary, biased exaggeration example to prove our supposed superiority. Wembley Stadium in his words is an “extremely sophisticated and effective networks of cooperation”.

Mind control[*] comes into play;
Slaughterhouses and concentration camps (notice the closing similarity)
are also a successful product of our cooperation.
Euphemism. Hierarchical control is “cooperation”.


Losing contact with causality.
The reason to our success is the trust in imagined stories we tell each other.
The capitalism of ideas: The notion that you can vote for truth and truth is what the majority decided on.

Again – what caused this leap in our historical species???

Repeated Euphemism. Hierarchical control is “cooperation”.

Appeal to uniqueness. ON PLANET EARTH we are the only ones that can do it.
Rejecting the idea it could possibly be different on other planets.

“To the exquisite listener, the immediate question is “How we do it”.

I thought it’s “why we do it”.
All along in his mind humans are grouped animals, like chimps, yet inferior to them.
“embarrassingly” similar to them, yet superior to them. Hierarchy VS Synarchy.

Reversed cause and effect: We imagine and it becomes reality.
Rejection of morality: Legislation over objective reality.
It’s not about Physiology. It’s behaviorism. Which is trial and error of species spent over millions of years.

The message of this scientismist is “Man is supreme over nature”.
Anyone who didn’t see that fell into the sweet mind trap.

 Only then does Harari start to speak sense. He can recognize that it’s only stories, but he cannot see the storyteller. He doesn’t see the pyramid he’s in. 


To conclude, then: We humans control the world because we live in a dual reality. All other animals live in an objective reality. Their reality consists of objective entities, like rivers and trees and lions and elephants. We humans, we also live in an objective reality. In our world, too, there are rivers and trees and lions and elephants. But over the centuries, we have constructed on top of this objective reality a second layer of fictional reality, a reality made of fictional entities, like nations, like gods, like money, like corporations. And what is amazing is that as history unfolded, this fictional reality became more and more powerful so that today, the most powerful forces in the world are these fictional entities.

And back to la-la-land again:

Today, the very survival of rivers and trees and lions and elephants depends on the decisions and wishes of fictional entities, like the United States, like Google, like the World Bank — entities that exist only in our own imagination.

[*] – Mind Control – Basically is introducing a cognitive dissonance into a person’ mind, a form of Stockholm Syndrome, where he believes every good that happens to him is thanks to his master, while any misfortune that he experiences is due to prior disobeying of his master’s command.

P.S.- To reflect on his proposed future of mankind:

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