False Notion of “Copy Rights”

“…Рукописи Не Горят.”
– М. А. Булгаков, “Мастер И Маргарита”


Spiritual articles have no possession over them.
You cannot merit the infinity with finite means.
If you’ve worked on a piece of art, it is priceless. you alone may decide what its worth. This world is a creation. it is free by default.
Since all of this world is a mental construct, and spiritual in nature, it is self-evident that all of its inhabitants are free.

There is a mystification of how exactly inventions occur.

Your masters tried to lower the notion of creation and place it into a neat box for you to think it can be bought, priced, pickled and destroyed by will.

They promote this idea to give you CULTURE:

Theater, movies, books and music.

But yet, they themselves try to change the terms in their favor-


The chart above illustrates the “Mickey Mouse Curve,” showing how copyright duration has changed close to each time Mickey Mouse is about to expire.