DANCER (Sergei Polunin)

Not on the good side of film documentaries for this year.

You can watch it if you’re slightly interested in the “behind the scenes” of show-biz, ballet-wise.

Starting with a poor choice for the title, and not exhibiting any speciality in film making or soundtrack, the movie tells us the story of contemporary ballet legend, Sergei Polunin.

It was a story of great sacrifice by his close family who had to separate and work intensively for the gifted child to succeed in his career.

It’s somewhat revealing the level of severity it takes to be a legendary dancer. And the the type of a “way out” you begin to see in the environment once you’re in it.
Also how an artist experiments when achieving the ultimate goal of his/her career.

Heart-Touching interviews for the culture-based people who still believe in money and are justifying anything that goes in culture for the purpose of producing talent and entertainment. Especially human entertainment. 


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