Perhaps the most entertaining film that I will watch this year. It’s hard to predict but I can’t think of something that could top this one. Really, It surprised me.
How have I not heard of it? Why aren’t people talking about this gem of an animation?

I was looking for a trailer to show for this piece of art. It was tricky, since there’s not too many of them, and the most part weren’t made satisfying enough. Bu I found this one.

Under the video there’s a notice by YouTube:
“This video previously contained a copyrighted audio track. Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted.”

And it makes it perfect in my eyes. I really think this video is better muted. it keeps the atmosphere of uncertainty, mystery and suspense anticipation before the viewing.

The best way to experience Memories is to go into into completely blind.
That’s why I chose this mute video for my review.
Just let me first show you the first and most liked comment for this trailer:

The Youtube copyright automation has muted the sound for this ADVERTISEMENT for this movie? This is too far. It’s an ad. Telling you to purchase the film. But the sound is muted because it violates copyrights on the film.
What holy hell has this century drifted into?

I am going to quote a bit from the half-hour review made by the YouTube channel BennettTheSage.
I urge you not to watch it until you finish the movie, and because of that I will not embed a link to it here in my post.
To be frank, the review is worthy but not entirely true to the cause.
You will learn a lot about the making of hand-drawn anime and other things.

As individual short films. the three stories have little to do with each other;
There are no recurring characters, their settings are completely different, There isn’t eve a connecting theme or idea between them…

They do, however, share a very technical and inspired approach to their visuals.
Right out the bat, you could tell that you’re looking at some of the most resplendent and fluent animation that Japan had ever produced.

In fact, the animation is so fantastically mesmerizing that you feel cheated that you have to keep your eyes trained at the bottom of the screen to know what the characters are talking about. And unlike the other short films, In the case of Magnetic Rose, What they are saying matters more than just for the plot.

There is imply not enough adjectives to describe how amazing this is.

To express why, in my opinion, the reviewer missed out the soul of the narrative that does, in fact, hold the three segments together, I suggest you watch this video by
kaptainkristian that, I believe, speaks for itself.
It didn’t even get an English dubbing upon it’s release in the USA by Columbia Pictures.

And wait ’till you watch the film… The ideas expressed come from the mind of Katsuhiro Otomo, The artistic mind behind the AKIRA manga and anime, and so the animation is divided into three short stories as written by Otomo;

Magnetic Rose

Stink Bomb

Cannon Fodder

MEMORIES Makes you think.
There was the time of films like Soylent Green that actually required you to analyze it, eventually contemplate on the global culture, its moral standards and where does it lead us as a species. This is that kind of a film.
Watch it and it will let you experience a different and perhaps a bit unusual storytelling. One that is adamant in delivering a message while simultaneously fascinating from an artistic perspective.

The only occult thing in the film may be considered the recurring symbol of two interlocking squares, which I noticed in the 1st and 3rd segments.

I hope to write a special post about this symbol in the future, for now let’s just say that it fits perfectly being a symbol for close-mindedness, and utter control over nature, as the whole animation implies.

Notice it is placed on the floors only.
Meaning, eternally, control will succumb to freedom. Be what may.

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