Better Call Saul [season 3]


A show that is definitely worth your time. BCS is definitely one of those.

…but it is one of the most beautifully shot deeply moving explorations of character and relationships ever to be put on a TV screen these people feel brutally real both for the good and for  the bad the relationships feel lived in.

and for fans of Breaking Bad –
it gets you to question everything that you thought you knew about the characters from that series.


God, if i like anything in that series, it’s the colors and shapes framed in the scenes.

It is true that the directors have made some serious progression since the end of BrBa, as we all could notice from the start of the first season. Sometimes it’s a certain font of a firm’s logo peeking from some distant object in the frame, or the subsequent glimmering of perhaps red, zigzagging lines of some architectural building, they sure know how to extract not simply attention from the viewer, but a sincere visual interest.

Although most of the scenes still are shown in almost complete silence.

Sadly, the beat and action of the past seasons that coloured the setting of this slow, very slow and very quiet show, have moved to the background alongside the interesting characters to allow a more mellow study and comparison of the two McGill brothers.

Their relations were of course been questioned from the start, but the 3rd season this time puts them in tight comparison of their methods of Chicanery and manipulation around their wives. This i noticed only by the end of the final episodes.

This one word – Chicanery,
(the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose)
Just like the name of the glorious fifth episode, is the correlation of the brothers, although often denied by the mere explanation that Chuck is more intuitively righteous in his method, while Jimmy would rather act on instinct.

You will have a hard time to find another show with characters that feel so real. They all feel genuine, as the actors are living and breathing their roles.

As for the esoteric side of things- both BrBa and BCS show small evidence of occultism, like the symbols of the eyes or missing one eye, premonitions and others.

The main thing here is the advocating for jurisdiction and justification. That fifth episode is all you need to see to understand how and why our societies are regulated so poorly and so unnecessarily badly.

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