Where did taxation come from?

image: “A Bug’s Life” (1998)


tithe [tīT͟H/]

1. one tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the church and clergy.

In my years in high-school, we had Torah classes, to teach the general population the traditions of the jewish nation. Aside the teachings themselves, there was nothing orthodox in the manner of the school.
One day, we got to the studies of Maaser (literally; A Tenth portion) which were tithes common to the agriculture of the ancient past.
I approached our class teacher with a question- “Why would we need this kind of knowledge in these day and age? Why teach ancient agriculture to kids living in the big city? The possibility of anyone at all in this school to end up working the lands is ridiculously low!”
To that, my teacher replied with his certain opinion on the matter:
“It is important to anyone at all to know this information, for when the messiah arrives to this world, he is sure to fixate these old-new rules back into place.”

…Christians will tell you: “We’re supposed to give a tithing. Which is 10 percent of our income, to the church to support it.”
And I tell people: “Do you know where tithing comes from? Have you ever looked in a book and read a book on what tithing is? Tithing had nothing to do with giving ten percent of your income.
 Tithing was very simple; The ancient phoenicians, canaanites, and all the ancient people in the middle east realized- each year when you grow your plants and food
you save ten percent of the seeds so that you will have something to plant next year.
To give it back to god, so to speak. Give it back to the universe.
 And so the church comes along and says: “That’s a great idea!”
Let us tell those misfits, goofballs, that never read a book, to just give us ten percent of their money to the church. Now, normally, we’re gonna take 50%, but we’re only gonna take 10%. Unless, of course, you really got some money – then we’ll take 20%.
“Have I got a deal for you.” [sarcastically]
And so you find out that religion is just a business. That’s all it is.
It has nothing to do with anything spiritual.
Jordan Maxwell
interview: Hidden History

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