Life Itself Review

The cover image is the proper, uncropped cover for the movie.
It now shows both Ebert and Siskel and the light of the almighty projector behind them.

“A statue has never been set up in honour of a critic”

A recurring quote, and one i have considered as a tagline for this blog of mine.
Actually, as of 2014, Ebert proved it wrong.

First of all, i would like to start this post with a question: Is this film good?
Is it really good? Horrible. documentary? or an homage? a pathetic tribute. perhaps..?

Why isn’t it called “Life of a [movie] critic”?

Roger was a transition to a modern stream of blitz-“like” reviews.
From what i read, he was a good opinionator and a erudite person, but he kept his reviews relatively relaxing, like you would read a description of a restaurant dish.
Robert Ebert’s reviews could amaze only an unenlightened audience as americans;
with artists looking for a handout of publicity.

Sadly, that’s the world we live in. Stop it. Change it.

So i’ve decided this review will have as much to do with the film as Ebert had with reviewing…

A critic shall be scholar-like and posses a cluster of different fields of knowledge:
I, for example, still do not master at montage, sound design, directing and production.

Grading is NOT pure criticism. It partakes a stand on moral ground but is diffused in a stream of time.
Zizek has philosophy. Not just plain, mass produced opinionating that Eberts’ folk would differ from consumer guidance.


Ebert watched watched far more film than Quentin Tarantino, but had only written one.
In Quentin’s case- the moviegoer’s experience had amounted into a genius adventure, modifying the very culture he operates in. Or it well maybe i belittle Ebert.

Think of what would become if everyone were properly educated, and could perform art without the NEED for criticism.


I need to clarify something here:

The problem with any good film, any badly done film, any painting or musical composition or video game or what have you on that matter
Is that it is reserved to that “race” of artful people.

In a sense, The artist/author is becoming a medium monotheistic deity, especially since the director is now considered the sole author of a piece, unlike a composer, the photographer, etc.

The problem is that grading of an art object is needed as a profession at all proves to us every one should actually be leading an artistic life in some way or another.
Yet that day seems far far away from us today. So far it seems only a fraction are even capable to truly understand and agree with this here philosophy.

You can pass judgement. It is not a sin.  It is not elitist. But remember the teaching:
“let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”
Notice the structure of the phrase suggesting the principality of self-possession over the act of exercising righteousness. 


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