“There is evidence to demonstrate that the average young person growing up today sees MORE violence in popular culture than ever would occur in real life.
This has been marketed in many instances to young people (particularly teenagers) who won’t have the social context (and) who don’t have the background of how violence has informed the human condition over the years.

And so, what they’re left with, is the glamorisation- of weapons and violence as a form of conflict resolution.”

Rose Dyson. author of “Mind Abuse: Media Violence in an Information Age

I really wanted to mark this post with a Bosch painting of suffrage.
But at the last moment i decided not to go with the immediate, familiar association that i personally had with his “Garden of earthly delights”, which i remember from childhood.
And the reason was i don’t want the cover to associate with the blatant and so banally common conception of “evil”. There’s a difference between violence and evil.

My point that i try to pass on is what your commitment to violence means.

What happens when you watch a “Game of Thrones” episode with your spouse while chewing your instant dinner meal.

You aren’t submitting any contract with the devil while doing that, and your min-soul connections does not undergo any dramatic morphosis.

But it may. And it will. Just as it happens with LSD or alcohol.

See, what you pay attention to and what you don’t-
Isn’t always up to your choosing.
Just like you never able to see what’s behind you,
Just as your sight has a blind spot, wherein you miss things in the field of view,
Just as your memory is modified daily to filter what’s important and what is not-

The consciousness that you possess in your physical body can come in and out of layers of awareness. And the professionals that are the most aware of that fact are basically Hypnotists.

Those people find their skills to being able to manipulate your present awareness preferable in the media industry today.

That leads me to the next subject of ADRENALINE DEPENDANCY


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