Reporting on the TLV Center for Kabbalah Research

Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes. – Alan Watts.

The mentalists of this pseudo rastamania like Hebrew letters more than ganja…
Self imposed government for exchange of granting you mental freedom.

First- A personal note:
As of 2017, i only took the first steps into the studies. I also know that my teachers may be concerned with things more principal than what i could consider, when facing the audience here in Israel.

Nonetheless, it does not teach about the current rule of chaos on our planet, the importance of knowledge or the facing problems like politics and monetary systems.
It tells the students they are born with a defect that follows and tricks them all their life. It sums up to a course of self-help, with poor practice of CBT.

Spread mosaically on many meetings. The lessons were not structured, and mostly repeated some past, unbaked thoughts.
The course claims, should we say, rightly so, that it is merited by scientific method. therefore, empirical. Nonetheless, my classes presented no such examples of based, formative research, which led to discouraging my spirit;
Upon inquiring and requesting answers, all the authors of the school could come with were examples of mere decorative wordplays, vague speculations, rumors. and speeches of traditions.
Let’s say I understand that knowledge and can use it properly-

But to give it in an unstable fashion to people that don’t know Trivium/Quadrivium or do not own their thoughts is IRRESPONSIBLE literally Like a Gorilla with a grenade in its hands. You just don’t know where it’s going to throw it.

Modern, popularized kabbalah courses have been accused of being a cult, and milking people of money. Sadly, the latter is true.
But kabbalah is not a cult. Though it maintains a cult of personality towards the family of hereditary so called “Holy men”: Since the tradition was kept by strict rules of passing knowledge by ear-to-mouth, the practices have really become a practice of silent obedience to the teacher. 
A practice that is no longer needed, now that we objectively stand on the verge of planetary collapse.

And it also contradicts the very teaching of any spiritual practice, itself included:
Such information is inherent in creation and therefore available to any person achieving self inspection.

The school preys on the type of energetically deprived person with more money than time, who would dependent on a community of  subordinates. That is so Matrixial.
The influence of NEW AGE school of thought took over almost completely.
Let’s hope it was a marketing tactic. And that the secret teachings will soon be uncovered. But for now, some teachers straight out confess to reject intuition, and sometimes free-choice!

A deep disbalance takes place in favor of spirituality over the physical- to the extent where “holy men” are praised for being completely out of sync with the physical realm.
If you know what this means, please explain it to me.
Every meeting I heard about the importance of being happy, not smart.
About how intuition can lead you into happiness quite successfully.

There is also the thing i call “Anthropocentrism” and some mesoamericans call “The dream of the planet”: It is the belief that Humankind is spiritually at the peak of “the food pyramid” and are second only to God creator himself.
And Jews are more successful than the rest, by the way. 

Instead of “Being in the moment” the teachings are paradoxically very time-dependant.
It requires a scope of every past lives of all the beings, sentient and non sentient as well, to achieve perspective of what is told here- how to every single thing there was a preceding causal effect.
Be it the most revealing thought i encountered, it was not developed at all,
into the statement that those patterns of effects can be mapped and discovered like the physics do. A big miss, in my book. 

This is in part of the most demanding proposal of all- 


The belief that the mind of god is only love, to the extent that he, in person, shall make everything turn out alright eventually. He has a plan.

No mention of wrongdoing. for, every wrong doing will lead to a righteous doing.
it is the opposite of solipsism in the sense that the mind cannot appreciate the “NO”. It is simply non existent in relation to the factual reality.

SIDE NOTE: The school issues a neat red bracelet, made of thin red rope.
It is worn by many adepts on the wrist, told that it could be charged by an empowering meditation. 

If you ever knew anything about target maintenance by trained agents of militia-
This way you become easily spottable in broad view. You now have got a mugshot.
You may be tailed to your apartment, which aids surveillance, and mapping your favorite routes if need be.

This is reminds me of the practice of infamous Alex Jones.
Appearing “controversial” and “subversive”, he maintains a gift shop with a vast wardrobe signaling all over the street your belonging to an alternative group of individuals capable to bring down government.


Joseph Heller (Author of Catch-22)

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