On the David Eagleman & Sadhguru talk

“Reality is a dream and a dream is reality”.

Science’s purpose has become exploring of possibilities to exploit the outer world.

“You see an atom and think just how will it aid you.
You see a microbe and think just how will it help you,
And You see an elephant and think just how will it aid you.

Eventually you will scope a human and say to yourself:
how can I exploit this one too?”

To paraphrase- this eternal gaze into the universe will continue to erupt things into your realm THAT are not – you. it will make it on a subatomic level to restore balance in nature as things will multiply against your principles of self preservation.
But that universal effort may and will eventually succumb.

This makes sense for individuals who seek to become Unnatural.
This is true collective satanism in a nutshell.

Con-science is meaningless if you do not inspect your motives.
We are all a bit off with reality; We could venture to find the path to luxury of the mind, or to the kingdom of the body. But it will all be happening in our mind.
Dividence is the endgame to all forms of life. But Philosophy is eternal.

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