About Opposers of Astrology

First, a few corrections:

  1. Astrology isn’t about how celestial bodies affect Planet Earth-
    It is instead concerned with the effect these planets might have on a typical
    birth of a sentient being (on our planet).
    Big difference. Nothing is mandatory.

  2. People who are obsessed with “astrology” live in the past.
    OCD is a topic worth a research. just saying.
    Be present. You’ll get over that.
  3. Astrology IS a science. All left to do is to prove FREE WILL.
    Review the past two statements

Regard the evidence as actual evidence.
You could say it’s not empiric (Not yet) but it’s not just any opinion or judgement.
Isn’t open to review by other scientists. Needs definition: “is” “not” “scientist”. 

Unfalsifiable- meaning that it’s true

By the way; her example of
Paul R. Thagard -“Why Astrology is a Pseudoscience”.
Isn’t only 40 years old, But its’ suggestion of astrological calculations being EVEN worse than random chance gives place to the study of time as suggested by Terence McKenna.

The end goal of all those who unconsciously oppose Astrology is the pretension that free will doesn’t exist.

Not in humans, not in animals, not in nature, not in the whole universe.

Next will be the elimination of private property,
Then the finite enslavement of planet earth,
Until they all try to reverse the world back into total chaos.

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