On Fight Club, plot-twists and homosexuality

image: Fight Club 2 Graphic Novel

I was once approached by an ex-schoolmate who shared his excitement about the famous twist of David Fincher’s great adaptation of the best seller by Chuck Palahniuk,
The Fight Club.

This movie was a game-changer for many a young man, as it meant a lot could be done towards understanding the surrounding modern world and its consumption culture.
It also allowed clarity on inner-being and group thinking as related to said atmosphere.

It meant personal achievements and buddha-like enlightment was ready to be discovered at the distance no further than your backyard, your towns remote areas, or the basement of some shady establishement. This naturally appealed to the kids of the 90’s and the adolescents of the 80’s who already got frustrated with life on this planet.

But many people [such as my subordinate] didn’t see past the appearences of a darn-great movie expirience and a clever story telling:

My argument is quite simple;
Spare the audience the mind-blowing twist in this film, and what do you get?

You will get a just, MATRIX-kind of movie, where the hero’s personal potential is discovered on the path to overthrow all evil in this world and lead humanity to freedom.

Only this NEO is portraied as being mentally ill, just by the fact of being bi-cameral in mind, and driven by closeted homosexual urges of jealousy instead of moral obligations. Subconsciously this distances many viewers from standing on the path to fight the control-grid.

These who admitedly discarded the true notion of FC had a lot to do with parental abandonment issues, portrayed in the character of Robert Paulson, As well as apparent issues with the other sexes, brilliantly examined in the three scenes involving coitus:
You can easily see it has PURPOSFULLY no intention of full exposure of the parts involved due to the nature of the main character. All the while we expect them to be shown, we got only the glimpses chosen by “the director” for our viewing.

This masterful director, Tyler Durden, is therefore a metaphor for our own cosciousness, just as is the role of DavidFincher in the process of this filmmaking.

Films like “300” may feature masses of musculine bodies covered with sweat,
but they stand in no-match with “Fight Club” – depicting
accurate portrayal of homoerotic romantic feelings.

NARCISSISM is the name of the game when the viewer rejects the media as the messenger and tries to filter reality trough his own perceptions. Maybe this has less to do with homophobia and more with the correlation pointed out by several reviewers, towards a reprasantation of the rise of national-socialists in 1930’s europe.

This distinct fact has provided an excuse for all people who watched FC over the past decade or two:
To stay away from any type of anarchycal groups out of the fear of being led like a mindless sheep into an aggressive herd.

Double standards you live by, and by double standards you will die,
you ideologically-dependent mind sluts.



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