The Founder [2016]

You know how advertising companies around the world are used to featuring attractive women in their campaigns to raise profits? Well, for once, that’s a dehumanizing tactic. Second, i personally wish they had the image of Michael Keaton in his BirdMan trousers to advertise this movie.

Why? Because it’s a movie about filthy lying for profit. that’s why.
Uninspired, greedy and unhonest path taken to provide for your family.
Walter White is turning in his grave.

And don’t get me wrong- his character does make enormous work in order to achieve his goals. But in his way he distorts contracts, cheats on his wife [presumably], and some more mischieves that characterize a petty cartoon villain that tries to be a hero.

And that is the real problem for me- That this is the whole aim- to proclaim this notion and to get people to believe in it.
If you’d asked yourselves- what is the target group audience of the founder?
or say- But, weren’t there two co-founding brothers to the franchize?
You would be correct in your assumption.

Because the target audience are people about to form families and have babies, looking to make a living and staring, everywhere, to realize what’s the best thing to do.

And yes, the movie’s title is a sad joke on the fact that Keaton’s character, although starting out okay, had become a psychopath who (although a bit necessarily) robbed his contractors out of their business essentially.

Well, technically, it is all jurisdiction in the end, not initially designed to make this world a better place but to conform to the dogmatic religious opinions of old people, so what do i care? And why should you care?

Have you noticed how he reached out to so many communities that answered his call, yet somehow the Masonic organizations and the Jewish people avoided him?

Because it also tells what you should do with a company you put your hearts in, when you seemingly can’t jump the boat, when the scales of truth are on the line.

They straight tell you- abandon it. You can’t beat them, join them. And you will never win

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