American Anarchist review

make art not war

It deals with a long interview with the author of 1971 highly controversial book called The Anarchist Cookbook, William Powell.
A book that, apart from having recipes for home-made booby traps, flamethrowers and grenade launchers, tries to teach you how to make LSD and other intoxicating chemicals in your own kitchen. 
This documentary was a bit confusing to me, and I would wish to explain my view on the subject:

AMERICAN ANARCHIST is trying to put the blame of creating Al Qaeda not through the USA government sending agents and tutors to promote them,
But instead to prosecute a writer who used ready-made information.
This movie, ladies and gentlemen is a paradox on freedom of speech.

First of all, dear readers, I can tell you from my own experience that you cannot make any such thing like LSD in your kitchen. That experience being actually familiar with the usual contents of a normal kitchen.

As the whole interview is accompanied by footage (spanning ~30 years) of violence and terror made by people who admittedly read TAC before committing their vile acts,
The director is asking the author to what extent, if at all, does he feel responsible for all these happenings? 

The author, being now a grown, sober individual, and a teacher, feels deep remorse for WRITING THE BOOK. But when confronted with the crimes connected to it, he, and we can see it clearly- first goes with the parallel to the alleged firearms makers, and to the extent their actions have anything to do with anything.

Then we see how he quickly withdraws that argument, feeling silly about it,
While admitting that he never even had any interest with whether or not any incident had to do with his book in the first place, upon hearing.
All this time we have the impression that no matter what, some partaking of the responsibility in those mass shootings is lying on the head of William Powell.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is complete nonsense.
There is no more blame attached to William Powell than it is to Marilyn Manson.
Or any such musician for that matter. Every person is taking owned responsibility upon committing ANY action in life, and it doesn’t exclude hormone-driven adolescents.
The movie itself is presenting you all the valuable facts you should now to make the right conclusions-

  1. That cookbook was based on knowledge available for public inquiry.
  2. That knowledge was presented to the public by the government. Freely.
  3. TAC had been accused with false information on many topics, claims that the movie simply doesn’t pay any attention to.
    They’re obsessed with weaponry, death and murder of humankind.
  4. Yet none is concerned with the government having made this practices its business.


Charlie Siskel, the director of this cinematic document,
is dependant on societal approval, is a statist, is a moral inquirer.

He is a sensationalist, an avoider of true potency and a waste of our precious time.







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