She*. Tonya.

Margot Robbie is being nominated for this film for the academy award for best actress.

-Strange how in a “free” and “equal” society they still give out 2 nominations for each different gender

 I almost believed it was her in Tikkas’ role in 2017 BRIGHT.
P.S. – Great exposure in “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

After a relationship with Will Smith in films like FOCUS [2015] and Suicide Squad [2016],
her new movie is named in reference to his most underrated movie of  
2004 – I, ROBOT.

Tonya’s story is very interesting, but it could [and should] be a TV flick. 

Yes, sport film can be interesting to the masses. Yes, the story is absurd. Yes, national heroes should be acknowledged and yes, the editing is “exceptional” as is Robbie’s act. 

But Robbie’s role is one that, at the start of the film, states that “there is no truth” (probably meant morality or god or something), and which then concludes with her being blinded in her eye, lying in her bloody spit and telling the audience that “This is the truth”….. 

One can only wonder what they meant by dedicating a whole movie to these two scenes.

Tonya is a pretty uncommon name.

And a name fetishist like me can only remember one other Tonya in cinema history, and that is from the 1975 (not ’42 or ’56) of How the Steel Was Tempered –
Как закалялась сталь
, Based on the same book by Ostrovskiy.
Which, i shamelessly admit, i’ve never read nor watched.
But thanks to Margot, this is gonna change soon.

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