Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings tarot card meaning

Material From


Upright: Romance, charm, ‘Knight in shining armour’, imagination

Reversed: Unrealistic, jealousy, moodiness



The Knight of Cups is seen as a young knight, riding along on his white horse, holding a cup as if he is a messenger of some type. Unlike the Knight of Wands or the Knight of Swords, the Knight of Cups is not charging along but rather his horse moves slowly forward, giving an impression of calmness and peace. The horse represents power, energy, and drive, and of course, the colour white is a symbol of purity, spirituality, and light. The Knight wears a cloak covered with images of fish, the symbol of the spirit, consciousness and creativity. His helmet and feet are winged, a symbol of an active and creative imagination.



The Knight of Cups is the most feminine of the Knights; although that does not mean that he is any less of a Knight. It simply implies that he is in touch with his intuition and emotions, and he uses them for his own good during his quests of romance and seduction. He is charming and attractive to others, regardless of their sex, while still expressing the romantic, poetic view of life in his unique way. He may be in love with love itself. This Knight also looks to his emotions to provide a map for his life direction. He is someone who is ruled by his heart rather than his head. When faced with a decision, he will always go with what his heart tells him, whether it is logical or not. Decisions will be made without much thought and instead they are made drawing upon inner direction, with the experience of warmth, friendliness, love and the need to share these qualities with everyone.

As with all Court Cards, the Knight of Cups can manifest as an event, a person in your life, or as a part of yourself.

The Knight of the Cups often appears as a messenger, an invitation or the arrival of someone or something with an emotional benefit. He offers an interesting invitation, which will result in an emotional experience that will bring high energy and lift you to an exhilarating state as new situations appear from nowhere. In addition to the physical sources of information, the Knight of Cups can also represent wisdom that comes from your dreams and that helps you to surmount life’s obstacles.

The Knight of Cups represents the undertaking of the creative adventure hinted at in the Page of Cups. Whereas the Page encounters the mystical fish out of the golden cup and is thus initially inspired with creativity, the Knight has already encountered his inspiration and is about to undertake the journey of imagination and creativity to which the unconscious has impelled him. If you are about to start a new creative project, direct your imagination into the ‘real’ world. True imagination feeds on ‘action’ thus if you do nothing with your dreams they will remain vague and unrelated to the rest of your life. The Knight of Cups brings a warning about getting too caught up in fantasy and the romanticism of life. Fantasy excites but it lacks any real meaning as you deny your basic commitment to the world and your imagination produces nothing.

Be open to exploring your passions and your grand ideas at this time. You may find that you have been drawn to a particular passion or hobby and now is the time to start turning into ‘something’. You do not need to go at a cracking pace but it is important to balance your ideas with action and ensure that you are taking proactive steps to achieve your goals and ambitions.



The Knight of Cups reversed allows his emotions to control his life too much. He may be moody, jealous or emotional to the point of incapacity. He may jump to conclusions before getting all the facts. If this card shows up reversed, either look at yourself and at how you are acting, or realise that the person involved may be acting from his emotions rather than from any form of logic.

The Knight of Cups reversed indicates a situation which was initially incredibly appealing, romantic and exciting but which later turns out to be something very different, and one walks away feeling quite disappointed. It is as though you are wearing the rose-coloured glasses, or going through the honeymoon period, only to come out realising that the situation is quite different to what you thought.

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