The Art of Freida Harris

As part of my education and understanding of tarot, I acquired the Thoth Tarot deck made by Freida Harris in a six-year work period with Aleister Crowley.

If you haven’t seen any of the designs yet, you’ll want to make the time for it. The artwork is extraordinary.  Save yourself a museum ticket. Maybe order it online.                It’s worth to look at them for self-reflection for the sake of it.
Such meditation can serve far better than deviation, which is –not– Tarot’s purpose.

By chance, I stumbled upon this formative lecture. It tells of Harris’s background and style which is truly unique. 
It may have greatly influenced the whole 1960’s “Psychedelic” type of art. Easily. These are actually aquarelle (watercolor).
Makes much sense although I automatically assumed they used oil paint.
From an evaluating point of view, In my mind it is mesmerizing, yet a bit irritating.

Conducted by the YT channel “Blazing Star O.T.O.”

Sadly, The slideshow mainly features the designs of the MAJOR Arcana.
I saved the (44) images of the slideshow on my PC. Contact me if you want the files.
For a PDF of the full deck with all the designs: Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck