Quora: “What’s the point of Rick&Morty in your opinion?”

I’m gonna make this answer dual since someone said there is no conspiracy…

Now here is the conspiracy:

The creators of this show are FORCED to hurry their work and to do more things they don’t want in the first place (watch interviews) so that they can eat and survive.

That’s the grim reality, and I mean to show you there is a paradigm here.

Thing is, the lion cut of profits for this kind of shows is due, and goes to, the merchandise manufacturers and distributors.
Hence they have a serious say in everything to do with the TV series. It is they to make the contracts that allow for this or another series to continue to exist in the first place.

This merchandise is minutia. It has no intrinsic value and it is promoting consumerism when the goal should be opposite- creating.

We should prioritize the opportunity for healthy competition in
creating content that drives community, not markets,
as we are the driving force behind ourselves.

Be sure those people know those toys, action figures, shirts, bags, etc. are that same doll or teddy bear you had when you were a baby who didn’t know better, and so they exploit your abandonment issues, psychologically speaking.

If that is not the case, with anyone you know, you are in a much more dysfunctional environment of pure psychopathy that will not educate no matter what. Beware.

The aim was to make people schizophrenic and live in deeper cognitive dissonance.

Make them know time travel doesn’t exist but believe in different dimensions.
It’s self-contradictory.

To exploit people with a mix of abandonment issues, familial ties and appeal for authority.

To indulge in the unknowing of truth, while thinking absurdity is funny, and that fun has no meaning. That’s wrong.

To allow depression, to be more emotionally-tied to either past or future, driving into stress and frustration.

To get them to like violence even more, like their nihilistic masters.

Are you happy?