Don’t know this flag? You will soon.

In a video by YT channel “TheFuelProject” – []
“The Paedophile Agenda” was brought to my attention.

Child sexual abuse, I found, affected several of my friends, and their friends as well.
It is also the practice of any top-level practitioner of the Satanic religion, regardless of what the exoterics would say or deny, in order to affect the future lives of all humanity.
Read my related review of the film “Prisoners”, or go watch the film itself.
It is the purest form of enacting what they call “The War On God“.
All the other things they do are only there revolving around this single practice.

Unfortunately, the said channel was found to be symptomatic and religious.
I guess I feel sorry for the fact it didn’t produce anything for a year, starting after the publishing of his book “The War On Truth“.
It kept describing the different circumstances when I thought it should get to the reasons, logic or conclusions.

TheFuelProject did an excellent job at citing a very much needed and relevant material.
I mean an unholy, abomination TED talk, [], with explanative sidenotes by the author.
She purposefully speaks in a manner that makes her appear so relaxed that it irritates.
She then claims that it is not an act at all, for some unexplained reason.
She clearly was deeply traumatized to the point of brainwash, inerting her wanting to feed on the psychopathy loop- paying it further, we might say.

The TED talk is horrible. Because it is primarily illogical, sensation-appealing.
It does accomplish at making a point about social isolation, as a problem in itself, which actually does affect humans into drug abuse. But then, immediately, ties it with sense about hostile sexual acts against children.
Notice this is true, as human societies are best performing in groups of up to 150 interacting people – tribes.
Try watching the “Tickled” documentary, or reading my review later.

You can’t point at something and expect it to disappear. You are not god.
This goes to both sides of the argument.
Let’s see how TheFuelProject could better their work:

The term “Overton’s Window” was not used.
Not “Gerontophilia” referred to, as a possible means for comparison,
for the purpose of deducting righteousness.
Not even an explicit criticism of tolerance, which is the crux of the issue.

The described process works only in a society that would prefer living in the world of fiction and left blind to priorities. This is our current situation.
First, we all need to know that besides the agenda, governments are feeding the youth with more and more growth hormones. Everywhere we see taller and taller teenagers.
And the adolescence period is initiated by the human organism today more early and faster than ever before in history. Research and see the reason for yourself.
Second; It is logically important to theorize- that given chance, the upcoming generation or two might be more intelligently advanced than the previous ones (as to compromise for the current one, LOL) – thus making conscious consent possible at a considerably younger age.
It only may be true. And it only may be known, predicted in advance, by those who farmer us and breed us, like husbandry.

He would need eventually to face the reality of the word Legal, which means “to say”.
That would make his dissonance worse for him, as he needs to understand author(ity) translates to “To write” / “To make something right”.

To prove that consensual homosexuality is wrong, that guy would have to prove direct harm caused by it to another sentient being. But that’s not what he’s dealing in. He deals in dogma. He would much prefer it to be so, but again, it doesn’t make it so.

It is often hard to understand homosexuality is not a cause but is an effect,
a symptom of a transgression.
We can easily prove, on the other side, that pedophilia is directly harmful to children.

The harm being trauma to the psyche. The human being is so designed that concepts of gender interaction and sex are degrading to the young mind.

The next important gradual step here is to claim that all this tolerantic societal consensus on different debates is illogical. You cannot vote things into truth. It’s moral relativism, which is inherent in schizophrenia, ultimately meaning covert Satanism.

We need to distinguish the thought, the feeling, and the action.
To imagine, say, Pedophilia, we use thought. To understand it, we try sympathy.
That does not make us any more pedo, until the exact point in time we actively manifest it into existence.

This link [] talks about Overton’s Window and makes an example of a fictional society that would like to legalize cannibalism.
It’s in Russian, so use an automatic Google translator to decipher it.

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