TDK#4: Joker is Two-Face?

The YT channel SlimeBeast has a video [] titled “The Dark Knight Theory: The Joker Was Two-Face” in which he proposes that the Joker character was either added as an afterthought into the film, either had much of the major scenes handed to him on account of Harvey Dent.
Either way, he says, by our imagination the characters can be easily swapped, and gives concrete examples:

  1. The Bank Robbery.
  2. Uniting/Dividing Crime Families.
  3. Hostage Swap.
  4. Ship Hostage Dichotomy.

These are all traits that characterize Two-Face,
but in the film for some reason are being done by the Joker.

Let’s read some comments to the video:
(85% were simply statements about the theory being wrong)

“A plot where Harvey Dent is not just fighting crime as an attorney, but puts on a clown mask and robs banks owned by the mob, at one point he even burns the money, it makes so much sense, if he’s actually doing it to hit the mafia. I can see how an earlier script could have a pre-burnt Two-Face that would start out looking like the Joker, a guy in a clown mask, robbing banks, but it would be a twist revealed either gradually, or in a big reveal, but the writer(s)/director maybe felt they couldn’t balance keeping it a good and not obvious twist, but not have too many people put off by the ‘Joker’ seeming a little bit too much like a vigilante until it got to the reveal that it’s not the joker.”

“I completely disagree with every one of the reasons supporting this theory. A lot of these situations could work with Two-face as the primary antagonist but I think its just the writing of it. The Jokers calling card was left at the end of Batman Begins and no scene he’s in seems shoe-horned. lastly to say that this movie wouldn’t change at all without Harvey Dent is foolish. He was a pivotal part of the story and even served a plot point in The Dark Knight Rises. So…yeah. I don’t buy it personally but for those who do power to ya.”

was neither right nor wrong.
He just gut-sensed what his conscious could not.
As we’ve established, the aim of TDK is to confuse, constantly, the hero and the villain in our eyes, like a dumb street-magician would do, with his 3 cups and a ball trick.
Losing concentration, the viewer will succumb to any explanation he can grasp.

I took his work to the next level, adding what was missing in the theory,
for you to see the whole picture.


This theory works on the symbolic level as well – Two-Face literally symbolizes Janus; the two-faced Greek god governing doors and the completed cycle of a new year.
Second, Joker’s smile is the symbol of the sun. Ever wonder why the smiley is so popular?

The card is purposefully added to a deck, the one day that’s needed for a leap year. Hence the expression “Not playing with a full deck of cards”.
A deck of cards is divided into the four suits – the seasons of the year,
And there are 52 cards, in accord with the number of weeks.
Every suit has 13 cards, to symbolize the lunar phases…


P.S. – Actually found out something new here for my own self.
The lunar phases start/end with the moon halved between black and white.
It is the time between the highest tide and lowest tide.
The final scene features both Jokers’ and Two-Faces’ demise, takes place at a construction site. It is the proverbial pyramid on the famous masonic sigil, that has 13 steps.

The film used the archetypal tarot card The Tower quite often, for the same purpose.
It is the overthrowing of stagnation. A bolt of thunder crashes the top of a tower, throwing of the two people that were in it.
The one who overthrows both sun and moon is the horned, secular, devil-man Batman.

It is the masonic madness.
Masons are practicing the unification of both masculine and feminine forces of the self.
This practice is what Christ referred to as the building of the third temple.
This is why we call both sides of our head temples, and hence the whole building theme.

This whole film, beginning to end, in fact, the whole trilogy, was planned for this rite of manifestation, to be absorbed by the uninitiated, the dead.

In another post we will deal with the suits featured in TDK;
Cups, Disks, Swords, and Clubs.


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