Hereditary (2018)

Warning: The movie “Hereditary” is a horror genre film, regardless of what some may tell you. It is hard to watch, let alone finding the meaning in it.
It is disturbing, destructive and discouraging, as any proper horror is.

This movie is heavily subjective and seems to serve no purpose, not even entertaining.

Definition: Hereditary is an adjective, describing a condition of ‘generic‘, ‘inherent‘.

Very few horror films are worthy of a “masterpiece” title.
And this fact is not the result, as teenagers might think, but the cause for the academy disregarding the genre altogether. Although, “Get Out” did get one Oscar nomination…
As a horror approaches closer the vicinity of a beautifully made film, we see it reflecting on social problems. Perhaps on different levels and meaningful layers.

However, this is not our case. Hereditary deals with the meta-genre more than anything.
We begin another review about a movie dealing with cults, witches, and evil.

It was proclaimed as the “modern times’ EXORCIST”. This statement is problematic.
Maximum – Rosemary’s baby. It’s thematically similar.
Coming from the same producer from recent THE WITCH. Working for the church office of Satan, this secondary project, again, got what it deserved when the cinephile community rated it D+…

It has a stylish color pallet, but my guess is – anyone can achieve this effect nowadays.
In my opinion, this could be a better film if the director had a better practice with different shots angles. I know this is hard work, but inserting smaller shots, more detailed and from another perspective, can give the audience more space for imaginative maneuver, and so-called mental “dialogue” with the film.

Exchanging ideas is the name of the game, and the rules are over-stating and not saying enough. Just like in sculpting.

Starring the main role of the mother is an actress from the famous SIXTH SENSE (the mother of the ‘gifted’ child). Her role is demanding, some may say, but at the same time so rejecting and strange…
All the characters really seem to be lacking some part of their rational thinking, just like a good chunk of their audience;
Nobody calls the police when they need to, or even when they say they have to.
They all seem to be in some sort of trance or hypnosis, and it passes down to us…

We can see several reviewers of the film, either being heavily affected by it or if disregarding the morality of ethics altogether and lacking a spine – they outward approach it with a somewhat dismissiveness. As if allowing that something like that could, and should happen as if nothing really matters.

This was all due to the directors’ lazy excuse of a chosen theme as if dealing with a psychological parental deficit. Like BABADOOK or something else. That’s a big lie…

The rule of alpha and omega – the first and last shots of the film show the tree house but in different aspects. The difference being, we could say, in the dimension which we perceive it with.

Flickering. The so-called “Handshake interruption” is what hypnotists often use to hypnotize. In the film, we can see it in the beginning, when we, as if were transferring into the realm of the dollhouse. A very creepy maneuver that should alert anyone.

As well as the flickering technique of switching day and night –
Some transition shots show, literally, how a day turns into night in an instant, and vice versa. Why is it unsettling? Because it has to do with the context of the film itself and it’s overall message.

The point of the film was to show, as above so below, people are being conducted and operated by a cult. That they are, therefore, like puppets who don’t know free will.

The miniature modeling is, in the best case, a homage to THE SHINING with its miniature model of a labyrinth. May I remind the reader that a labyrinth is a hermeneutic term for the brain…

Our subconscious is heavily based on the association method.
The leitmotif here is decapitation, but we could see how it is being used.
It starts with the late mother figure acting as the head of the cult.
We see Charlie decapitating a dove, and according to the rules of the plot, its’ her “link”.
Charlie is then being buried, and we passively follow the camera angle with the lowering of her coffin into the ground.
We could argue this is a subconscious burial of hope in the symbol of Columbia, and the death of the holy feminine in the audience. This is why the all-possessing cult doesn’t dig Charlie up.

Another symbol is the dead stag (deer) on the road, that leads to Charlie’s brutal death.
A horned stag is a symbol of natural renewal, positive change. We are being hypnotized (or rather, mesmerized) into STAGnation.

A reflective method is used to demonstrate the audiences’ manifestation of the teenage boy character. At least, as desired by the directors.
The seemingly unnecessary depictions of his photograph with gouged out eyes,
And him staring at his reflection that is the opposite of him, but smiles, not even menacingly but in a relaxed kind of way.

There is another moment whose meaning was complicated for me to express –
It is one scene in the beginning when Annie’s character sees the ghost of her late mother, flicks the lights and makes it vanish.
It reflects later parts of the plot when the boy sees his sister’s ghost decapitated again, and her head appearing as a sports ball, rolling on the floor.
or that same Annie is hiding in the shadows from her son, and, for example, the female personas standing in the distance, messaging something…

Related is the note left by the grandmother for the mother to find – how it is apologetic, gullible and sympathetic. How it resembles the unrelated shot of a religious brochure being pushed through the mail. Similar to how this movie pushes you a meal full of nothing.

The Trinity motif.
The possible origin of the demon’s name, PAIMON, is a phonetically similar Hebrew word PAAMON, which means a bell. This is broadly associative…
A bell is a special musical instrument, which stands for resonating, pulsation, and cleansing vibration. It may also symbolize a clear, functioning head, which they so much trying to get rid of.
It may resonate with that weird sound the Charlie makes, explaining it.
Finally, Bell is also the deity Baal, that the dark sun cult is worshipping. I encourage you to read about it.
Basically, Baal is the sun, and the sun is the soul, so the head thing is more than proper…

I don’t remember a film with so many decapitated heads since Mulan.

The witch-cult states they reject the Trinity. They even burn (symbol) the father figure (again, symbol). This is the culmination of the fabula, I’d say.
This is somewhat strange at first look, given the previous paragraph, since their rituals involve carving a triangle into the wood.
Although, it may go to show their biased, one-dimensional thinking.
By the way, this is the thing that’s dangerous in the film.

All this goes to say – HEREDITARY is, indeed, a demon possession film.
Only instead it has to do with infesting possession on the viewer, by way of manipulation, hypnosis, and obedience, presumption.

Anyone still believing that cinema’s purpose is to escape reality,
truly doesn’t know about any part of this sentence he believes in.

The hiding in the shadows, the cult that wins, the fact you’re being schooled, and have to look back on the plot to get it right, the fact nobody calls any authority at all,
The fact that this craft contains in itself, multi-layered arts-and-crafts messages only to bring no sense at all, is the proof there is a mocking, purposeful masterful clan or Kabal, that uses it all to mirror the reality you live in, just to let you know and for you to readily reject it for foolish reasons,
Is sole purpose for them to claim innocence, relief from culpability;
“we are the knowledgeable ones, we are the masters of fate of the world”.
“We are telling the uninitiated what goes on in his world, but he chooses not to know” “There’s really no-one looking at the truth”.

What I aim to say is; the cure is a healthy imagination and subconscious strength.
They only got through to the people who, before-hand, willingly got their guard down.
You need to have the required vaccines. Because the death of freedom is actually the death of imagination.


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