After watching “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst” three years ago, which was an exquisite dish, I recently received a recommendation for this new Netflix TV show.

This is a country where a trial of O. J. Simpson, a sportsman and an actor, was TV broadcasted nation-wide. And they later had a similar experiment with the war in the Persian Gulf.

Opening titles a-la “True detective“does not make your production a hit.
This show was a bit empty, could fit in a far more compacted show, and altogether was uninteresting to anyone who already knows how those things can come to be.

If JINX was very rewarding, I mean the amount of fresh and truly unbelievable twists, then this one is very dull. No twists at all except the first one.
I had hoped that “making a murderer” would suppose, like in the JINX, the rediscovery of a guilty person after or even in spite of him being declared innocent.
As if playing on our expectations and feelings of sympathy But no.

The only conspiracy we can see as a leitmotif, although not easily,
is the one that ties together all the American culture and society – 

It is obvious that the family mentioned in the show are suffering from bad karma –
Steven, the main character, spends 18 years in prison, only to get there once again – Twice, allegedly innocent – And ONLY THEN, understanding no one will come to his aid, does he start his own process to clear his name in court.

This society is cruel, not because the policemen treated a person the way that they did.
But because of the condition that leads to this kind of treatment.
There could be only two options – bad incarnation, or willful disregard for change, and the things that require change.

In 200 years, the “greatest” country on our planet did NOT educate their population for the people to stand for themselves. But instead, threw all their effort into interventions in foreign countries, and the brainwashing of their citizens with comic books and WWE.
It is a nation not concerned with what’s true, right or prioritized;
In the series, a semi-conscious 16yo retarded boy is about to get imprisoned for decades, but his sedated mind can only think of asking his mother on the phone – If he gets to watch WrestleMania…

What stands behind the disregard for black people, women, minorities and “white trash”; is a police state (as opposed to militia) ensuring capitalism (as opposed to socialism) in the form of democracy (as opposed to ochlocracy). All are part of a government, which is literally mind-control, and which can only be held by psychopaths. I.e. – sick in the mind.

Nobody ever thinks about why we have judges in the first place, especially if the world is already governed by natural laws…

Funny, how the U.S. paints Russia with the shameful sins they themselves have committed:
Usage of nuclear weaponry on civilians, Propaganda brainwash of masses,
Annexation of territories, Hierarchical classes in society,
killing their own citizens with poison gas and finally, mistreating hostages/prisoners a-la Guantanamo Bay.

I am not saying this could never occur in another country, as all governments are inherently bad, but notice that the U.S has a bigger percentage (per capita) of imprisoned citizens…

Russian readers can check out the following videos for comparison.

  1. [BadComedian] – Красный Воробей.
  2. Дмитрий Goblin Пучков о фильме “Тоня против всех”.

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