The worst moment was the passport control for souls. A treacherous and traumatic film. Exploits abandonment issues to submit to gaslighting circumstances on earth. Tells you that the dead are more important than the environment or even principals. Basically, you are dead if you try to play your proverbial guitar- No matter if it belonged … Continue reading :Coco:

Black Panther

https://youtu.be/T5tmuaHz6tU   Many praise the film for "empowering" the black community and/or culture. A typical Dog/Lion case in my thinking: There is a fundamental difference between dogs and lions. When you're with a dog and you throw a stick, the dog will faithfully chase the stick. When you throw a stick before a lion, the lion will chase you, not the stick. The lion … Continue reading Black Panther

Prisoners 2013: -Zip it.

Why not "Abductees"? "When did i wake up for a society where it's entertaining to make fun of pedophiles? Pedophilia is not a laughing matter. Pedophilia is emotional and spiritual murder. They can justify their sickness all they want..." -Jay Parker, at the Free Your Mind Conference No.3, 2015. Denis Villeneuve is probably considered one of … Continue reading Prisoners 2013: -Zip it.

Blade-Runner 2049

THIS REVIEW IS NOT COMPLETE AND UNDERGOES CHANGES. "AGAINST THE DARK, A TALL WHITE FOUNTAIN PLAYED." (ПЕРЕЛИВАЯ ИЗ ПУСТОГО В ПОРОЖНЕЕ) - Is it real? - I don't know, Ask Him. Studying the symbolism and iconography of famous hidden societies, One can only come to the conclusion that any people who operate by this kind … Continue reading Blade-Runner 2049

Miracle on 34th Street (1947/1955)

https://youtu.be/_ivbcirqABM Again, a review following the must-watch list conducted by Mark-Kishon: Christopher: The utmost powerful entity of planet earth operates as it slices up portions of the surface of land to its’ purchasers. It is based in the fault of thinking anybody is not independent inherently. I suggest you meditate on the fact Switzerland remains … Continue reading Miracle on 34th Street (1947/1955)

On the Death-of-Author hypothesis

https://youtu.be/YkQsRVrWM6c   Today we will review the thought of Roland Barthes. The proposition is a vile one. And an arrogant attempt to understand the mind of god through an atheistic perspective. This is all a human-ego-based dogma, and in a quest to ultimately disregard property rights- glorifying human interpretations unto a pedestal of creation itself. … Continue reading On the Death-of-Author hypothesis

Zootopia [2016]

The title is referring to Utopia, while the fictional city is called Zootropolis. A zoo, in case you don't remember, is a large location where animals are kept in captivity. UTOPIA means two things: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.  "U" (no) "TOPIA" (place). Nowhere. Here's Google's statistics on this … Continue reading Zootopia [2016]