Dr. Strange (2016)

Dr. Strange is a film made as an homage to AfterEffects, and although is not interesting at all, carried audiences in simply because it is based on a comic book and featured ""the modern Sherlock Holmes"". Its only features are the same layers of graphics that aid it in concealing the truth and confusing the … Continue reading Dr. Strange (2016)

The Truman Show: Story of a Modern Moses

For a whole generation, this media piece symbolizes the personal struggle against the ultimate oppression and the very meaning of a "Golden cage". It stands for dreaming, taking a leap of faith, overcoming one's fears to redeem themselves. But let's see... I recently did a re-watch of TTS, and it seemed more strange than ever … Continue reading The Truman Show: Story of a Modern Moses

Wanna Know How He Got These Scars?

In response to YouTube Channel ScreenPrism, regarding the video titled “The Dark Knight: How Did the Joker Get His Scars?”: The Dark Knight title is later in an acronym. TDK. It starts with a statement about the TDK Joker being different from the other, preceding ones. This is excusing from offering the audience a deep … Continue reading Wanna Know How He Got These Scars?

HellBlade: Senua’s Sacrifice

If you've been affected by any of the issues you've seen in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and want to talk to someone or find out more; http://hellbladehelp.info https://youtu.be/nfiS_PV3V-4?list=WL Pheeew... What a shaking experience this was. https://youtu.be/S0RPvprR8YQ I just happened to notice the original announcement of the single title "Hellblade" (no suffix) going back to 2015. At … Continue reading HellBlade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Mr. Freeman – Part 07

" Я слез с подоконника и уронил книгу. Я отчетливо помнил, что в последний раз это было «Творчество душевнобольных», я был уверен, что на пол упала именно эта книга. " Это, наверно, мой первый пост написаный от начала и до конца на Русском языке. Речь пойдет о (по всей видимости) последнем выпуске Мистера Фрэнки Фримена. Я очень ценю давние проекты … Continue reading Mr. Freeman – Part 07


So strange to make such portrayal on the potential canvas of "behind the scenes" of the original game. It should reveal a more moral state of affairs. The original game was a twist on "the big bad wolf" - here, birds flipped the script and missile themselves a-la kamikaze, into the pigs' formations made of … Continue reading ANGRY BIRDS movie


The worst moment was the passport control for souls. A treacherous and traumatic film. Exploits abandonment issues to submit to gaslighting circumstances on earth. Tells you that the dead are more important than the environment or even principals. Basically, you are dead if you try to play your proverbial guitar- No matter if it belonged … Continue reading :Coco: